Stage Two

Lyrical Ballet Class stages 1-5

Musical Theatre Class stages 1-5

Year two to year six

As the children progress through the classes they are introduced to Musical Theatre adding drama and singing into their world. During show time they have the opportunity to perform with professional entertainers, learning the world of show business.

In Tap and Jazz the develop rhythms, musicality, and understanding of tap steps and jazz and modern movements. Drama and basic singing is included in the class to lead towards stage performance should the children wish to.

There is more performing work for the children to take part in at this stage if they wish, local Pantomimes, Christmas Shows, Fates etc. This all builds to confident young dancers.

Though parents are asked to wait outside the class, there are regular presentation classes so you can see what they have been working on in class.

Step up Performers

Year seven and up

As the children develop through the grades, technique and standards, Point work is added to the ballet classes. Street Jazz and Free Style. Some will still wish to try all dance styles, others concentrate on just the one style. Though this is fine and as long as they enjoy their class, ballet is a great core to any dance form and will help with posture, placement and looseness withing the body.


Happy Steps endeavors to enable children/students to reach their full potential- striving to produce innovative creative, imaginative children.



A chance for the students to put all their performance skills, dancing, acting and singing into practice. The group performs a Pantomime each year performed at the Norbury Theatre.