Stage One

Little Stars Ballet Class

Reception and Year one

A mixture of syllabus work and free movement from the Royal Academy of Dance and Imperial Society of teachers of dance. The children can enjoy their love of dance without the pressure of an exam.

Still a lot of props are used within the class to help their understanding of spacial awareness. 

Children Will enhance their rhythmical skills, musicality, body awareness, co-ordination and self confidence and of course have fun. These lessons will carry them through their growing years enjoying dance and making new friends.

Performing Stars Ballet Class

Year one and two

In this class more ballet technique is taught based on the new Primary syllabus from the Royal Academy of Dance.

At this point children understand the concept of classical dance and they work hard to gain the standards required. Some children will find it easy and natural to do some of the movements, other will still find some bits a little awkward. At Happy Steps we encourage all children and help then gain the best they can, correcting their body lines and bulding their confidence in dance.

Musical Beat Class

This class is split into Tap and Jazz/Modern dance. The children can explore other dance forms and learn the dance techniques, learning funky movements, tapping toes and the artistic movements.



I could not believe the progression in the class from seeing them a year ago when at pre school to now. They have all become, proper little dancers and their concentration on their faces is so cute.

Father of a Little Stars Class


Megan really has come a long way from her first dance class. I see her holding her arms correctly and she works so hard at placing her feet correctly. She loves the annual show and can not wait for the next one to come around.

Mother of a Performing Stars Class

Though parents are asked to wait outside the class, there are regular presentation classes so you can see what they have been working on in class.