As we do not participate in exams. At the end of the academic year the Pre School children are presented with medals and certificate.

Dancing Debbie Class - Silver Medal

Little Dancers Class - Silver Medal

Boogie Beat Class - Silver Medal

The After School Children are presented with trophies and a certificate.

This is an acknowledgement of their commitment and improvement throughout the year.

Families are welcomed at the presentation class to watch them dance and collect their awards. The children are always so proud and love showing off their achievements.

Stickers are also handed out on a regular basis and the special class sticker, for great improvement, good musicality and movement or it could be simply for good listening and following the teacher.



Some of the older children instead of doing exams have taken part in festivals. This is their choice and have done extremely well.

November 2016 The Step Up Performers gains Gold, Silver and Bronze medals in solos, duets, trios and groups. There were some very proud teachers.